Renovation and Rehabilitation is a live virtual seminar that is delivered by Dr. Joseph Lstiburek and provides a highly interactive discussion from his office in Westford, MA. The price is $295. Upon completion of the seminar, members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) will receive 8 LU|HSW posted directly to the AIA Provider website. You have a house, you have a mess and you want to fix it. How do you keep the rain out of it? How do you make it energy efficient, not violate the building code and not irritate your contractor and the owner? How do you not screw up the historic significance if there is any? What about apartments? What about frame houses? How do you deal with brick and masonry basement foundations from the inside? What are sacrificial mortars and renderings? Should I worry about freeze-thaw damage when I insulate on the interior? How do I insulate on the exterior of a mass wall assembly? More questions - and more answers.


May 17 and May 19, 2022 | Live virtual seminar

Renovation and Rehabilitation is a virtual seminar series that is delivered by Dr. Joseph Lstiburek and provides a highly interactive web-based discussion from his office in Westford, MA



Session One

1:00-5:00 ET

Mass Buildings

Freeze Thaw


Sacrificial coatings
Historic Building Limitations
Wall and Windows
Interior Foundation Retrofits
Brick and Stone Foundations
Slabs - Underneath and From the Top




Session Two

1:00-5:00 ET
Frame Buildings
Interior Foundation Retrofits
Rubble Foundations
Crawl Spaces
Roofs Vented and Unvented
Deep Energy Retrofits
Mechanical Systems
Ventilation and Make Up Air