BSC seminars provide high-quality, up-to-date building science information to professionals in the building industry seeking to differentiate themselves from their competitors by using the principles of building science to mitigate risk and build high-performance, energy efficient, durable, and healthy buildings.  Seminars are engaging and delivered by leaders in forensic investigation, building science research, and risk mitigation with extensive design and field experience in residential, commercial and institutional construction.

Building Science Fundamentals is a virtual, 4-Session, $595.00 seminar series that teaches the basic knowledge needed to design and build durable, energy-efficient, affordable, and healthy buildings. The 4-Session Series will be held on December 8, December 10, December 15 and December 17. The time for the sessions will be from 1:00-5:00 pm EST. Dr. Joseph Lstiburek will discuss building science principles (such as the control of heat, air, and moisture and IAQ) and show you how to apply them to low-energy enclosure design, advanced HVAC systems, forensic investigations, and the repair and retrofit of existing buildings. The Fundamentals class has been attended by thousands of builders, architects, engineers, building science consultants, building code officials, facility managers, building product manufacturers, and government officials.

08 to 17


Renovation and Rehabilitation is a one-day, $199 web-based seminar that is delivered by Dr. Joseph Lstiburek and provides a highly interactive discussion from his office in Westford, MA. You have a row house, you have a walk up, you have a mess and you want to fix it. How do you keep the rain out of it? How do you make it energy efficient, not violate the building code and not irritate your contractor and the owner? How do you not screw up the historic significance if there is any? What about apartments? What about frame houses? How do you deal with brick and masonry basement foundations from the inside? What are sacrificial mortars and renderings? Should I worry about freeze-thaw damage when I insulate on the interior? How do I insulate on the exterior of a mass wall assembly? More questions - and more answers - from a building science guru, Professor Joseph Lstiburek (yes, his old alma matter took him back).