Newton, MA
This test home provides an example of a thoroughly comprehensive retrofit that did not involve major additions or changes to the building footprint but, nonetheless expanded living space by including the basement within the thermal enclosure.
Northampton, MA
The owners of this circa 1800 Victorian have been postponing renovation and performance upgrade for years in anticipation of a major change in the household structure. With the likelihood of an aging parent’s arrival, they decided to rebuild a portion of the home and add new space to provide a ground floor bedroom with an unfinished office space above.
Oakdale, CT
This is a first foray into Building America-level performance for the builder, Jim Pepitone and his company, Ark Ventures, LLC. Building Science Corporation (BSC) supported Ark Ventures on the design and construction of the Greenbrier prototype, the model home for a 14 unit subdivision in which the builder intends to demonstrate his concept of “attainable sustainable.”
Oakland, CA
ZETA Communities is a startup company that has a mission of building energy efficient and/or net zero modular houses at costs competitive with local construction. They recently completed their first prototype, the live-work townhome: an infill project located in a mixed industrial/artist/residential urban neighborhood, within walking distance of a mass transit station. The plan provides a ground floor work studio, 2 bedrooms, light-filled great rooms, decks, and sustainable landscaping, in addition to a one-car parking garage.
Ormond Beach, TX
Building Science Corporation (BSC) collaborated with ICI Homes in Daytona Beach, FL on a 2008 prototype house called the Showcase House. This house demonstrates the energy efficiency and durability upgrades that ICI currently promotes through its in-house efficiency program called EFactor. The Showcase house is located in Plantation Bay, a Master Planned Community in Flagler County, Florida.
Prosper, TX
BSC collaborated with Greencraft Builders in Prosper, TX on a 2008 prototype house called the Greenspoint House. This house demonstrates the energy efficiency and durability upgrades that Greencraft has been promoting for years. The architect for the Greenspoint house was William Peck and Associates, out of Lewisville, TX. The Greenspoint house is located in Prosper, TX.
Quincy, MA
When the owners of this bungalow-style home in Quincy, Massachusetts originally decided on a major expansion, significant energy improvements were not part of their plan. The National Grid Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) pilot program brought the prospect of financial incentives and technical support. This helped the architect on the project, Henry MacLean of Timeless Architecture, to successfully make the case for pursuing a very high level of performance. The owners decided to pursue the DER to position the home to benefit from future energy savings while expanding available space for their five...
Tucson, AZ
In 1986, Pulte Homes in Tucson was plagued by customer complaints and even law suits for construction and material defects in their homes. Today, customer satisfaction is above 90% and the Pulte division is the 2001 Energy Value in Housing Award (EVHA) Builder of the Year. What happened?
West Concord, MA
Homes built prior to 1980 make up 80% of the housing stock in the United States, and are responsible for a majority of the residential energy use in the country. The Architecture 2030 goals call for a 50% reduction in home energy use by 2010. The objective of this project was to show that a 50% reduction in home energy use could be met today in existing housing. All systems were in new of updating, including plumbing, electrical and heating. Using systems engineering techniques, the enclosure and mechanical systems were analyzed to determine the most cost effective ways to meet this goal....
Westford, MA
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell bought the land on which to build the Westford House from the town of Westford for $1. Habitat then partnered with Building Science Corporation, the community, local and national manufacturers, distributors and donors in an effort to create a comfortable, healthy, durable and energy efficient single family home.