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February 2012

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We realize that you may be waiting on this publication because it is listed as a required text for your education or for your secular work and want you to know we take this very seriously. Please check this page for updates. Our projected completion date for the reprints of High Performance Enclosures is February 11. They will be delivered to our warehouse on February 12 and we will begin shipping at that time. 

High Performance Enclosures: Design Guide for Institutional, Commercial and Industrial Buildings in Cold Climates provides guidance for architects and building enclosure engineers working to meet the growing need for buildings that have significantly lower operational energy consumption. John Straube addresses a range of practical questions about low energy building enclosures that save energy while simultaneously improving durability, comfort, and rain control: How much of an impact can the enclosure, massing, and orientation have? How much glazing is appropriate and what options are available? How much does thermal bridging matter and how can it be minimized at difficult structural details? How does one detail thick layers of continuous insulation outside of steel stud walls? Can layers of insulating sheathing reduce the risk of moisture damage?

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