Barrington, NH

Services Provided: 

  • Building Performance and Enclosure Consulting

BSC Role: 

  • Building Enclosure and Energy Performance Consultant

The Barrington Town Hall is a former school building, of mass masonry construction, with portions constructed between 1930 and 1960.  The town had a goal of reducing energy consumption and addressing existing IAQ issues occurring due to bulk water penetration at the exterior walls.  BSC conducted a site visit and evaluation of the building, and made recommendations for directions to take in a capital renovation project.  Although the town originally was considering an interior masonry wall insulation retrofit, a strong case was made for an exterior insulation overclad, due to advantages which include building durability, elimination of brick freeze-thaw risks, improved water control, and a change in aesthetics.  BSC provided recommendations for roof, window, foundation, and mechanical system upgrades, and also evaluated and prioritized energy measures presented by others.