Mac Sheldon's picture

Mac Sheldon is the National Accounts Manager at Demilec USA, LLC. In this role, he works with the company's larger customers to fulfill their needs for technical assistance, sales support and training for their spray foam applicators. Mac has filled several roles for Demilec over his 11 years with the company including Northwest US Territory Manager, Asia-Pacific International Business Manager and Western Region Manager. His engineering background and his continuing study of WUFI, BPI and RESNET protocols have kept Mac tuned to the changing analytical tools available to building professionals for assistance in logical design, appropriate application of spray foam and the need to properly ventilate well-sealed homes and buildings.

Mr. Sheldon is Demilec's liaison to the SPF industry trade associations where he presently serves on the Board of Directors of the Spray Polyurethane Alliance (SPFA) and on the Leadership Committee of the Center for Polyurethane Industries (CPI), Spray Foam Coalition (SFC). Through these organizations he is active in development of SPFA applicator certification, codes and standards development, and general support and promotion of the spray polyurethane industry.

Mr. Sheldon also serves on the Technical Oversight Committee for SPFA and the Industry Advisory Council for the Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) in Fairbanks. He led the industry development of the current fire testing protocols for SPF installed in attics and crawlspaces, and remains active in ICC building code development both within the trade associations and individually. He is certified in WUFI, WUFI 2-D, and WUFI-Plus, as well as HERS (RESNET) and is a BPI Building Analyst. Mr. Sheldon speaks regularly at industry events and conferences and is a certified AIA presenter and a contributor to industry publications such as Spray Foam Magazine.

Prior to joining Demilec, Mr. Sheldon developed three patents, and spent 15 years as an HVAC contractor in the Northwest before venturing to Asia where he exported US-made mechanical systems for ten years. In the late 1990s, he was consulting for a Japanese company that asked him to find an insulation that would perform to specification under widely varying climatic conditions, including significant wind loads. After a thorough review of available products, Demilec SPF seemed the only real solution. The Japanese company became and remains a Demilec contractor and Mr. Sheldon's professional interest in spray foam began.

Mac's personal interests include cycling, skiing, camping, woodworking and aviation. He's an instrument rated private pilot and served on the Mount Hood Ski Patrol for 26 years, where he held executive council positions for 13 years and earned a National Ski Patrol Appointment. When not on the road for Demilec and the spray foam industry, Mac enjoys life in rural Oregon with his wife of 37 years, their black lab, four alpacas, a llama and a dozen koi.