Diana Fisler's picture

As Platform Leader at Johns Manville, Diana Fisler is responsible for supporting building science initiatives and executing product life cycle analysis. She also provides technical support for Johns Manville roofing products, including roofing membranes, insulation, and coverboards.

Dr. Fisler's previous roles at Johns Manville include managing the Industrial Hygiene Laboratory and Product Testing Laboratories in Research and Development, as well as managing the New Binders technology group. She has developed new glass chemistries for fiberglass that increased productivity and reduced energy usage. Dr. Fisler's research also includes postdoctoral work at Sandia National Laboratory and Arizona State University.

Dr. Fisler contributes her expertise to a number of industry organizations and committees. For example, she is a voting member of ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.4 - Building Materials and Building Envelope Performance, an Operating Committee Member of the Foam Sheathing Committee, American Chemistry Council, and Subcommittee Chair of ASTM C16.33 Moisture and Finishes. She also acts as an industry contact for academic research projects, for example at the Advanced Materials Institute at Colorado State University.