Achilles Karagiozis's picture

As the Global Director of Building Science at Owens Corning, Dr. Karagiozis' role encompasses global accountability for Owens Corning's building science strategy. He is responsible for leading, shaping, driving, educating and training others in energy efficiency and green building science, transforming building science into a growth engine aimed at accelerating energy efficiency improvements in the built environment.

Dr. Karagiozis is one of the leading building scientists in North America. Prior to joining Owens Corning, Karagiozis worked at the prestigious Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where he was a distinguished research engineer and hygrothermal project manager. He was instrumental in the launch of a number of innovative construction material and system products, and in the development of design guidelines, software tools and code changes. He was formerly the owner of a building science consulting firm, which specialized in construction litigation and the development of design solutions for thermal and moisture control issues. He is the US representative for the new International Energy Agency (IEA) Annex 55 on Reliability of Energy Efficient Building Retrofitting. After his Ph.D., he joined the Institute for Research in Construction, NRC, and developed his unique competencies in whole building analysis and moisture engineering analysis. As an expert in the area of Moisture Engineering, he has solved many hygrothermal designs and retrofit challenges, and has developed multiple design guidelines for various enclosure systems and software tools.

In addition to his work with the IEA, Dr. Karagiozis is an active member of ASTM and ASHRAE. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Waterloo and the author of more than 120 technical papers and reports related to building science.