Editorial Policies

The following policies apply to all content, including content provided by our Contributors. They are designed to support the key principles of objectivity, dialogue, and transparency.

  • All content posted on buildingscience.com is subject to BSC approval and may be edited by BSC staff. This includes, but is not limited to, original writing, reposted writing, images, multimedia content, and links to external material.
  • BSC may, at its sole discretion, invite new Contributors or other stakeholders to contribute to buildingscience.com. These contributors may include anyone who, in the opinion of BSC staff, would enhance the dialogue on a given building science issue.
  • Content produced by Contributors or other stakeholders will be clearly identified as such. Where appropriate, the author(s) will be listed together with associated company names. In some cases, a corporate author may be listed.
  • Content produced by BSC staff is not subject to Contributor or other stakeholder approval prior to posting, except where the content is part of a formal agreement separate from buildingscience.com. For example, reports produced for a consulting client would not be posted without that client's explicit written permission.
  • Except where publication rights are formally shared through an explicit written agreement, all materials on buildingscience.com are copyright of Building Science Corporation. Please see our Conditions of Use for more information.

Conditions of Use

Building Science Corporation permits the use of any of its web-based technical resources for personal and educational non-commercial purposes only. This use can include downloading, distributing, or printing any of the web-based technical resources, so long as the following accompanies the information:

Please note that attribution is not a substitute for copyright permission. Information published by BSC on buildingscience.com is protected by copyright under U.S. and International copyright laws and conventions. Without the express written permission of BSC or the other copyright holders, the User may not use, distribute, store, modify, publish, transmit or participate in the transfer, sale or reproduction nor create derivative works from, distribute, perform, display or store any part of its material for purposes other than the user's personal, non-commercial use.

FAQ: How do I know what an approved use is?

Q: May my company post one of BSC's articles on our company website as a technical resource?

A: We do not permit the reposting of our material but DO permit and encourage linking to the source material on buildingscience.com website with proper attribution. Aside from copyright issues, this also ensures that your website users get the updates that we frequently make to our online documents. If you have questions about the proper authorship and company information, please send an email to info@buildingscience.com and we will help confirm the correct information.

Q: May I use one of your online articles in our company or trade association newsletter?

A: We do not allow the republishing of our copyrighted materials in full (we should note that some of these articles are also under a copyright agreement with other organizations who may be the original publisher) but with a written request on a case-by-case basis we may permit the publication of excerpts from these articles provided that the author and company information is clearly presented and there is a link to the full text of the article on our buildingscience.com website. Please send an email to info@buildingscience.com that includes the actual text that you would like to use and we will be happy to review individual requests.