Conversations are an opportunity to "listen in" as critical building science topics are discussed and debated by industry-leading experts from different sectors and professional backgrounds. Each topic is introduced by a BSC writer such as Joe Lstiburek, and is then expanded on through dialogue with our Industry Experts.

Blower door
The practice of building commissioning is changing with the new push to certify and license commissioning agents. In this Conversation, Joe Lstiburek and John Straube discuss what the impacts might be and why the building industry should pay attention.
HIgh Humidity Buildings
Art galleries, museums, indoor pools and other specialized buildings require high interior humidity. What does it take to make them work? Joe Lstiburek, John Straube, Dave Bell and Achilles Karagiozis weigh in.
vapor barrier
The building science community has long known that interior vapor barriers are unnecessary and even harmful in some assemblies. So why do some codes still require them? In this Conversation, we discuss sections of the Canadian building code and how its requirements are influencing U.S. practices.
Air handler
What should the ventilation rates be for buildings? But as our Industry Experts discuss, effective ventilation is not all about the rates.
Air sealing
Air sealing in retrofits should always be thought through carefully. Where is the best place to air seal? Do homeowners understand the relationship between air sealing and ventilation? Listen in as our Industry Experts discuss these important questions.
Red Lists
Do the criteria for excluding building materials actually benefit the environment as they claim to do? This difficult question is tackled below in a frank and insightful Conversation between Joe Lstiburek, John Straube, Achilles Karagiozis, Theresa Weston, Mac Sheldon and Gary Parsons.
Thermal bridging diagram
Exterior insulation has been adopted more widely in some situations than in others: in commercial construction vs. residential construction, for example, or in Europe vs. North America. Should all insulation be on the outside? Why isn't it? Joe Lstiburek leads a discussion of these issues with John Straube and Industry Experts Achilles Karagiozis, Mac Sheldon and Gary Parsons.