Our Contributors, individually and as a group, have a long-standing working relationship with Building Science Corporation. We have worked for them as consultants, called them from building sites to access their in-depth knowledge of their products and materials, and collaborated with them on long-term research projects. They share our dedication to advancing the science and practice of building, and we are proud to have them as part of buildingscience.com.

Contributors add to the site in several ways. They provide revenue directly to the project to fuel the development of new resources. They also bring forward critical issues from their interactions with builders and other stakeholders in the construction industry. Finally, they contribute unique insider expertise around the products and services that they offer.

The specific points of engagement with our Contributors are detailed below. In all cases, BSC retains final editorial authority, meaning that we approve all content that appears on the site (for more information, see our General Editorial Policies). When you read BSC-authored documents, you read our opinions based on our knowledge and experience. When you read commentary by our Industry Experts, you are reading information directly from them and the Contributor companies that they work for.

Industry Experts

As part of our goal of engaging industry stakeholders in dialogue, Building Science Corporation has assembled an accomplished group of recognized experts from within our Contributor companies. These buildingscience.com Industry Experts are not only key contributors to the companies that they work for, but are also known in the wider building science industry for their professional achievements and contributions. In the coming months, Industry Experts will begin to add to buildingscience.com in two key places: first, by commenting on existing documents (such as Building Science Digests or Insights) and second, by participating in a new online discussion feature called “Conversations”. buildingscience.com readers can learn more about individual Industry Experts from their profiles (listed on About Our Contributors).

Industry Conversations

Each Industry Expert (and other Contributor representatives) will also take part in a series of organized, offline Industry Conversations. This process is a natural extension of BSC’s active and longstanding dialogue with many different stakeholders from across the building industry. However, it focuses specifically on the needs of buildingscience.com; in particular, the goal of Industry Conversations is to identify current and emerging issues in the industry and missing or incomplete information on buildingscience.com. In some cases, these gaps will be addressed by publishing a written summary of our discussion in a new “Conversations” section on the site. In other cases, BSC will fill the gap by developing new articles or reports that present our authors’ objective opinions, professional experience and in-depth knowledge of the issue. In all cases, authorship will be clearly indicated so that readers know where their information is coming from.

Contributors’ Page

All of our Contributors are listed on our Contributors’ Page (About Our Contributors). Contributor listings include information such as a company description and website address. We also list contact information for each Contributor company’s technical support staff; these specialists are an invaluable source of product-specific building science information for our readers. As well, Industry Expert profiles can be accessed through links in their company’s listing.

Related Products Links

Links to a Contributor’s website may be placed on buildingscience.com webpages that are related to the proper use or scientific understanding of that Contributor's products. These links are identified as “Related Products.” This is about as close as we come to product advertising on buildingscience.com, and we have made every effort to design this feature in a way that both recognizes quality products and respects our readers’ needs. Links are unobtrusive and are selected and placed according to the following policies:

  • BSC maintains and exercises the right to remove or relocate “Related Products” links at any time. Our judgement determines what products may appropriately be linked to our authors’ work.
  • BSC reserves the right to accept “Related Products” links only for products, systems and companies that by our sole determination meet the high performance standards that we have established through research and experience. This policy respects the trust that our readers place in us, and also benefits our Contributors, who can be assured that their association with buildingscience.com places them in good company.
  • BSC is committed to maintaining the objectivity, independence, and quality of the information we produce for buildingscience.com. Our Contributors acknowledge that our building science-informed opinions may not favor all of their products in all situations and will not exclude positive references to competitor’s products, including where the competitor is not a buildingscience.com Contributor.

Annual Experts’ Session

Every year Building Science Corporation hosts a two-day seminar that focuses on advanced building science topics. This session is intended to provide thought-provoking professional development for experienced building industry professionals who are interested in healthy, durable and energy efficient new and old buildings. buildingscience.com Industry Experts are invited to attend and participate in this event.