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Energy Efficient Retrofits

New buildings account for a relatively small percentage of the energy used in the building sector. Retrofitting existing housing and commercial/industrial facilities is an important goal in terms of energy savings. It is also a complex endeavor, with many factors to consider, from preserving historic features to controlling costs.

The following articles and reports discuss a wide variety of materials, situations and techniques that may be encountered when undertaking an energy-efficient retrofit. As well, many case studies are provided to illustrate how to do retrofits right.

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BA-1106: Leveraging Limited Scope for Maximum Benefit in Occupied Renovation of Uninsulated Cold Climate Multifamily Housing

By Ken Neuhauser, Daneil Bergey and Rosie Osser
Download.pdf  4.1 MB


BA-1107: Final Retrofit Pilot Community Evaluation Report

By Rosie Osser, Ken Neuhauser and Kohta Ueno
Download.pdf  4.3 MB


BA-1111: National Grid Deep Energy Retrofit Pilot

By Ken Neuhauser
Download.pdf  7.6 MB


BA-1202: Byggmeister Test Home—Cold Climate Multifamily Masonry Building Condition Assessment and Retrofit Analysis

By Honorata Wytrykowska, Kohta Ueno, Randy Van Straaten
Download.pdf  7.4 MB


BA-1205: Attic or Roof? An Evaluation of Two Advanced Weatherization Packages

By Ken Neuhauser
Download.pdf  3.7 MB


BA-1311: Evaluation of Two CEDA Weatherization Pilot Implementations of an Exterior Insulation and Over-Clad Retrofit Strategy for Residential Masonry Buildings in Chicago

By Ken Neuhauser
Download.pdf  7.2 MB


BSD-114: Interior Insulation Retrofits of Load-Bearing Masonry Walls In Cold Climates

By John Straube
Download.pdf  787.2 KB


BSD-139: Deep Energy Retrofit of a Sears Roebuck House—A Home for the Next 100 Years

By Betsy Pettit, FAIA
Download.pdf  909.9 KB


BSI-063: Over-roofing—Don't Do Stupid Things

By Joseph Lstiburek
Download.pdf  805.8 KB


CP-1012: Residential Exterior Wall Superinsulation Retrofit Details and Analysis

By Kohta Ueno
Download.pdf  645.2 KB


Mass Save Deep Energy Retrofit Builder Guide

By Betsy Pettit, FAIA, Ken Neuhauser, Cathy Gates
Download.pdf  6.1 MB


Remodeling for Energy Efficiency

By Betsy Pettit, FAIA
Download.pdf  3.4 MB

1 - 38 of 38