Flooring Problems

Flooring in commercial and residential buildings can have a variety of problems, from moldy carpets to debonded vinyl tiles to movement in wood flooring. Understanding the causes and solutions of these problems involves understanding the building as a system. What happens beneath and above a floor matters, in ways that aren’t always anticipated or well understood.

The articles in this section examine a range of building practices and materials – and the interactions between them – that can lead to flooring problems and solutions.

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BA-1106: Leveraging Limited Scope for Maximum Benefit in Occupied Renovation of Uninsulated Cold Climate Multifamily Housing

By Ken Neuhauser, Daneil Bergey and Rosie Osser
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BA-1107: Final Retrofit Pilot Community Evaluation Report

By Rosie Osser, Ken Neuhauser and Kohta Ueno
Download.pdf  4.3 MB


BA-1111: National Grid Deep Energy Retrofit Pilot

By Ken Neuhauser
Download.pdf  7.6 MB


BA-1202: Byggmeister Test Home—Cold Climate Multifamily Masonry Building Condition Assessment and Retrofit Analysis

By Honorata Wytrykowska, Kohta Ueno, Randy Van Straaten
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BA-1407: Long-Term Monitoring of Mini-Split Ductless Heat Pumps in the Northeast

By Kohta Ueno and Honorata Loomis
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1-6 of 6 Items