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High R-Value Roofs

The High R-Value Roofs Case Study Analysis is the result of BSC’s ongoing High R-Value Enclosure research — a study that BSC has undertaken for the US DOE’s Building America research program to identify and evaluate residential assemblies that cost-effectively provide 50 percent improvement in thermal resistance.
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BA-1312: Application of Spray Foam Insulation Under Plywood and OSB Roof Sheathing

By Aaron Grin, Jonathan Smegal and Joseph Lstiburek
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BSI-083: Mea Culpa Roofs*

By Joseph Lstiburek
Download.pdf  460.8 KB


BA-1503: Measure Guideline—Deep Energy Enclosure Retrofit (DEER) for Zero Energy House (ZERH) Flat Roofs

By Honorata Loomis and Betsy Pettit
Download.pdf  3.2 MB


BA-1006: Building America Special Research Project—High-R Roofs Case Study Analysis

By John Straube and Aaron Grin
Download.pdf  2.9 MB


BA-1005: Building America Special Research Project: High R-Value Enclosures for High Performance Residential Buildings in All Climate Zones

By John Straube
Download.pdf  2.7 MB

1-5 of 5 Items