Conference Papers

Conference Papers are peer-reviewed papers published in conference proceedings.
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CP-1201: Masonry Wall Insulation Interior Embedded Beam Simulations

By Kohta Ueno
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CP-1101: The Influence of Low-Permeance Vapor Barriers on Roof and Wall Performance

By John Straube
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CP-1013: Assessing the Freeze-Thaw Resistance of Clay Brick for Interior Insulation Retrofit Projects

By Straube/Schumacher/Mensinga
Download.pdf  253.2 KB


CP-1010: Innovative Passive Ventilation Water-Resistive Barriers—How Do They Work?

By Jablonka/Karagiozis/Straube
Download.pdf  457.0 KB


CP-1002: Preliminary Modeling, Testing and Analysis of a Gas Tankless Water Heater

By Rudd (BSC)/Burch (NREL) et. al.
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CP-0604: Incorporating Insulating Sheathing into the Design of the Thermal and Moisture Management System of the Building Enclosure

By Peter Baker
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CP-0605: Assessing the Durability Impacts of Energy Efficient Enclosure Upgrades Using Hygrothermal Modeling

By John Straube and Christopher Schumacher
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1-7 of 7 Items